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What's Behind a 4% Withdrawal Recommendation for Retirement Accounts?

Perhaps you're retired or are living on an inheritance. You have capital and need additional spending money each year. The secret is withdrawing consistently at a rate that will not eat up your capital. In fact, you would like your capital to grow! Yes! That's possible and not unreasonable.

Some advisors and products like to scare you. They quote low percentage withdrawals of 4% and want you to purchase an annuity effectively willing them the principal in your account. A good deal for them, bad deal for you and your beneficiaries. Googins and Anton helps people spend more and pass on everything remaining to loved ones. Don't settle for less. Listen here: Living on Retirement

Will your money last you through retirement? Read more -->

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Friday July 12th was a wonderful evening where many in our area came together to support an agency that enhances our community.

Thank you Big Brothers Big Sisters for all you do.

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Tracey Anton dancing with Donald Driver

Financial Calculators

Recommended Reading

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – What a great book. Surprisingly, it’s not just about accumulating money, it’s about building a successful life with many intangible and tangible benefits. But it will definitely help you get rich in dollars and assets.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D.

The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. Millionaires don’t spend money the way certain celebrities and movies and television portray it. Anyone can become a “millionaire next door” by following time tested sensible “rules.”

Stocks for the Long Run by Jeremy J. Siegel, Ph.D.

Abbreviated Glossary of Investment Terms

ASSETS - Resources owned by a company, fund, or individual; i.e. cash, investments, money due, materials, inventories, etc.

BEAR MARKET - A market in which prices are falling, or expected to do so.

BOND - A debt security issued by corporations, governments, or their agencies, in return for cash from lenders and investors. A bond holder is a creditor, not a shareholder.

BULL MARKET - A market in which prices are rising, or expected to do so.

COMMODITY - A tradable item that can generally be further processed and sold; i.e. metals, wheat, coal, etc.

COMPOUND INTEREST - Interest that is calculated on both the principal and interest previously earned.

DIVERSIFICATION - One of the most effective ways to reduce risk is to diversify your portfolio. No one type of security, asset class or investment manager provides the best performance over all time periods. So a range of investments should reduce the risk of each of the investments.

DIVIDEND - The amount of a corporation’s after-tax earnings that it pays to its shareholders.

DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL - U.S. stock market prices frequently quoted in the news.

FINANCIAL ANALYST - A person trained to advise on the risk and return characteristics of investments and in the management of investment portfolios.

INVESTMENT - An asset acquired for the purpose of producing income and/or capital gains.

LIQUIDITY - The ability of an investment to be easily converted into cash with little- to no loss of capital and a minimum of delay.

MARKET - A public place where buyers and sellers conduct transactions, either directly or via intermediaries.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SECURITIES DEALERS AUTOMATED QUOTATIONS (NASDAQ) - The New York-based U.S. stock exchange that specializes in technology companies.

OPTION - An agreement that conveys the right, but not the obligation, to the holder to buy or sell a particular security at a stipulated price within a stated period of time.

PORTFOLIO - An investor’s collection of investment holdings, usually with reference to its composition.

PROSPECTUS - A legal document, required by the Securities Act of 1933, setting forth the complete history and current status of a security or fund; it must be made available whenever an offer to sell is made to the public.

RETURN - The amount of money received annually from an investment, usually expressed as a percentage.

RISK - The measurable likelihood of loss or less-than-expected returns. A way of reducing risk is to diversify investments. Risk cannot be eliminated but, it can be managed. Assessing risk and potential investment returns should be in the context of your goals and your timeline.

Types of Risk

  • Investment market risk - the possibility that all investments in a market sector, will be influenced by an event.
  • Investment specific risk - the possibility that a particular investment may under perform compared to competitors.
  • Market timing risk - the possibility that the investment may be sold at a time when the sale price is at a low-point or purchased when the sale price is at a high-point.
  • Inflation risk - the possibility that your investment return is below the inflation rate, which reduces the spending power of your money.
  • Credit risk - the potential failure of a debtor to make payments on amounts they have borrowed.
  • Interest rate risk - the possibility that your investment will be adversely impacted by a fall or rise in interest rates.
  • Legislative risk - the possibility that a change in legislation will impact the appropriateness of certain investments.
  • Liquidity risk - the ease with which you can sell or liquidate your investments. Some investments impose exit fees or have limitations on withdrawals. Other investments may be difficult to sell due to a lack of buyers.

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) - The U.S. regulatory authority for the securities industry.

SECURITY - The paper right to a tradable asset.

SIMPLE INTEREST - Interest that is paid on the initial investment alone.

STOCK - An instrument that signifies an ownership position (equity) in a corporation.

TREND - The current general direction of movement security or commodity prices.

VOLATILITY - The extent of fluctuation in share price, interest rates, etc. The higher the volatility, the less certain an investor is of return; therefore, volatility is one measure of risk.


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