What Happens When a Financial Plan or Financial Analysis is Completed?

Just like a positive medical examination, learning you are financially fit feels good, even exhilarating.  Keep doing what you are doing but here are additional suggestions for staying fit! 

Maybe there are weak areas and you can solve them now. Many people have not written a will as they do not understand what a will accomplishes. With the help of an advisor who listens and makes suggestions, actions positively affecting a family’s position following a member’s death, retirement, or disability can be implemented.  The importance of beneficiary listings and account registrations takes on new importance and understanding.  Perhaps it is time to consider setting up a revocable trust, or discussing irrevocable trusts.

Maybe you could expect to earn a higher return with investment changes and there are ways to save on income taxes. You should feel that “everything is working even better” after receiving and implementing advice. 

Sometimes bad decisions have been made that cannot be reversed.  Discover that now and deal with it.  We have helped in situations where an older spouse retired and chose a life only annuity option that would severely impact the surviving spouse.  Knowing that allowed the younger spouse to prepare for that death and serious loss of income.

A financial plan must not become static; keep it “fit” with the help of a financial advisor.  


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