Retirement Planning

Risk Is Not A Cookie Cutter Recipe

An investor is an individual, but many retirement plans bundle investors into groups, making broad assumptions about age and risk. Such canned “advice” has no personal knowledge of you.

Is a $ 100,000 Per Year Retirement Income Doable?

Of course, anything is doable if you calculate the details, understand percent averages, risk, and emotions.

9 Essential Retirement Planning Questions

Preparing for retirement involves saving and investing with well-planned purpose, organization, and discipline. When you’ve saved in this way for many years, how will you know when you’re financially ready to retire?

How to Retire Early in 5 Steps [Infographic]

Got retirement on the brain? If you’re like most of us, you’re wondering how to retire well and early. We’ll get you on course to your destination (we see palm trees and ocean water in your future).

Is There a Big Difference Between 401(k) and IRA?

The difference between 401(k) and IRA retirement savings plans is more than a few shades of gray, and many people get them confused. So which should you use? We’re comparing these two most popular ways to save for retirement in the post-pension era so you can determine the best savings strategy for you.

Why Saving for Retirement is a Marathon, not a Sprint

The Long Term - investors must always think long term when saving for retirement and if we put our eye to the long term, we see what is true. “If you die tomorrow, it does not matter what you do today with your money, but if you do not die, it matters greatly” (My words spoken many times to various investors).

How Long Will My Money Last in Retirement?

Not sure how long your money will last in retirement? Your money should last longer than you think - that is, assuming you start with some capital and work to earn a return on it. If you are earning 1% but pulling out 10% of your capital each year ($10,000 out of $100,000 which is earning 1% or about $1,000 per year), your money (capital) will last ten years.

Save for Retirement by Spending Time in the Market

One can hear many comments about market views and feelings. All of that is simply shoveling smoke. If you want to save for retirement, get into stocks and stay there. Managed mutual funds work best for most people. There are considerable differences between managed accounts, so get some professional help.

When to Take Social Security Benefits: A Realistic Approach

Are you wondering when to take Social Security benefits?  Of course, you must be "old" enough to begin.  For most people it is age 62.  Widows sometimes can start at age 60. The Social Security Department previously encouraged people to start withdrawing from their accounts at earlier ages but, apparently, the word has gone out to employees not to do that.


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