What happens when people and businesses get tax relief?

They feel good, they have more money to spend. Some spend it wisely, some do not.

People buy more goods and services, companies invest in growing their businesses and are willing to add employees.

People and business invest in the future. The future improves. It’s simple and it works!

Why the Market Is Doing Well

‘This is an earnings based market. The market is always about earnings because earnings move the market forward.’

‘No sign of a recession anywhere. Regulatory pause has caused some relief.’

‘CEOs have increased confidence. Tax reform is going to be a boom for individuals and domestically based companies, especially small and mid-sized.’

Consumer Complaint? The Government Can Help.

President Reagan is quoted as saying, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.”

Some Truths About Index Investing?

A closer look at “just invest in the index” as a long-term investment strategy.

How Will President-Elect Trump’s Administration Affect the Markets?

With the inauguration of Donald Trump one day away, we thought it an opportune time to discuss several ways his administration might affect the markets. 


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