Financial Planning Services

Here you’ll find a team of professionals that provides comprehensive financial planning services for clients throughout the Madison, Wisconsin area. You’ll also find individuals who take a different, more personal and straightforward approach to managing your financial future. 

You can count on us having all the technical financial know-how to help clients like you, but we don’t try to drown you in that knowledge. Instead, our approach focuses on helping you feel comfortable with the financial path we recommend and confident that we have your best interests in mind. We call that The Googins Way.

Our financial planning and management services include:

  • Asset & wealth management
    Get the “big picture” perspective of your financial position in easy to understand terms from people who treat you like a friend, not just another number.
  • Retirement planning
    Explore options for an achievable action plan that will help improve your financial security throughout retirement.
  • Estate planning support
    Talk with our knowledgeable team about various aspects of estate planning, including guardianship, succession planning, gifting to family members, and more.
  • Tax planning support
    Gain a better understanding of your tax return and how your investments affect it so you can make smart and savvy financial decisions.
  • Lifestyle and college financial planning
    Let’s take action now to begin accumulating the financial resources you need for major life expenditures in the future.
  • Small business financial planning
    Address the challenges you face while providing for your employees and yourself with financial advice covering topics such as retirement planning and group insurance.
  • Insurance planning
    Learn about your options for life, long-term care, and disability policies in addition to other insurance or related products.  

If you’re looking for a firm with extensive and broad-based expertise in financial planning services in Madison, WI with an approachable and easy to understand style, you’ve come to the right place. How can you benefit from our approach to financial planning? Give us a call or contact one of our Madison-area financial advisors online to find out more today.


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